The Right Advisor


The term psychic in my opinion is used to loosel;y today. As I do believe all people have gifts, I do not believe all people are psychic . We all have various gifts to various degrees, and  various pathsn and purposes in life.

It i important to find the right advisor

  1. Price0 Many overcharge , Some sell spells for outstanding rates, and there is no proof they actually do the spell, Learn to work spells for yourself,   Most people are on budgets and fixed incomes, so use common sense, 100 , 300- or more and more for a reading is outrageous.In this case high price does not always mean best quality
  2. Reputation- referals, or recommendations from those who got readings if possible. They should have some kind of references, recommendation on their page.
  3. Research, read.
  4. Most popular does not mean the right person for you.
  5. Becareful of unrealistic promises.
  6. Keep in mind NO ONE is perfect 100 percent of the time
  7. The future is always yours to determine, things can change nothing is written in stone
  8. Listen to your gut, your own intuition
  9. Be Opened even if it is not what makes you "feel good" or want to hear.
  10. Do not be afraid to ask questions
  11. Do not share life story before your reading.

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