Sara Jones

I rate you a 10!  You hit it spot on and I still never told you anything about what has been going on . Known Lady Shadow from Oranum, and did great accurate Readings for me.



Laurie (WillowMoon)
Former HPS Sisters of the Sacred Dragon Moon 2011

Lady Shadow worked and helped out at our psychic fairs,as well as did readings for some in our coven, as well as some  customers at the store. I highly recommend her as she is a very compassionate,accurate, and also very honest reader.

Tina  ( Luna)
Former Coven sister 2009-2011
Lady Shadow,Dawn is a very compassionate,sensitive woman,and reader. I have also known Dawn,Lady Shadow from Crystal Era in Elyria Ohio who  we used to read for each other, and help out in the psychic fairs.  We also did some  reading for a few customers  who were very satisfied.

Comments left on my old profile  on Oranum

Psychic LadyShadow13's Testimonials

"great reader" ... written by 1212flaming
"great reader" ... written by 1212flaming
"Very interesting reading! Thank you so much, you were very accurate." ... written by coconut1980
"Ok reading, I would have liked some more in-depth information though..." ... written by Miroch
"great! Thanks so much! She was clear and very helpful." ... written by teadragonLisa
"Good reading, thanks ladyshadow" ... written by Simundo
"i looked at all other psychic's asked basic questions to see if they picked up my problem and question's and i got nothing, my problems were complicated not love or money related, and i got the answers i needed. thank you shadow, very gifted lady, i'll be back!! amazing xxx" ... written by gypsylee
"I truly enjoyed my conversation with this psychic. She picked up on all aspects of my life. I will come back again." ... written by wee318
"simply amazing. loving caring person; genuine; true. Very much connected with her. " ... written by gizzie
"That was really good reading! If you want to know about yourself more - ask LadyShadow13 she knows! Recommend for everyone! " ... written by kosmosss
"Excellent reader!!" ... written by sphinx777
"Did a wonderful job with the past life reading. ^_^ would highly recommend Ladyshadow to anyone for any reading. ^_^" ... written by altuna0
"She's good right on point with thingss...GREAT!" ... written by Katice
"Unfortunately my internet conenction went out and I wasn't able to finish the reading. But from what little was done, I could tell she was pretty accurate :)" ... written by guriwo
"A lot of fun to talk to, she brought up a lot of good points and was very accurate with the cards. Will definitely be a repeat customer." ... written by bluestar11
"good reading, gave me clarity and good advice. very nice lady. I recommend her." ... written by Retsy44
"What a awesome woman! Ladyshadow will tap straight into your spirit and give you guidance and peace to every situation you have. I will definetely return back for guidance and peace. " ... written by Happy74
"Great reading, fast and to the point thank you :) " ... written by AquariSun
"took to long to anwer question didnt seem to be that good " ... written by lilyflower
"She is wonderful! " ... written by mimizi
"lady has a beautiful spirit. i def recommend her to al!! She is a very sweet lady!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
"A Very helpful reading...hope to talk to her sometime soon again" ... written by hxd181
"very awesome :O) Highly recommend :O)" ... written by calmnthestorm
"Really enjoyed the reading she really knew what she was talking about!!!! Looking forward to another reading." ... written by SharTris
"This was a nice read, she was very reassuring and soothing to the soul." ... written by LunaSkye
"Very nice reading. My first to get one here at Oranum after working here for 3 months. Very intuitive and sweet, as well as efficient and timely. I will try to come back for more!" ... written by PolyAnnabelle
"Good reading! She picked up on my situation quick. Recomended." ... written by coorsmann
"She was very sweet and didn't sugar coat." ... written by gatomata
"Things weighing on my mind, money and stress, when does it end. LadyShadow13 made it clear that things will not stay bad forever that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and to have more time with loved ones cause in the end Money is not everything! Made me feel hopeful that I am in a rut and coming out the other side...Thank you!!" ... written by scubamar
"I enjoyed her reading she was honest and accurate with what she told me i will definitely recommend her to many people. She will not lie to you. She was right on with my reading." ... written by kprattis
"She did a great job, she knew what she was talking about and I recomend her to everyone. " ... written by SWEET84
"Wow, fantastic! She tapped right into me and what was going in and connected with someone I've lost. I am in awe (and tears!) Thank you so much!" ... written by jssb78
"Her psychic abilities were truly amazing, and she's also such a sweet and wonderful person to talk to. She picked up things about me very fast without me telling her almost anything. I will come back definitely! 5 stars!" ... written by ghent
"was right on point and was very kind and i feel more better she felt what i felt and knew what i was thinking and gave me the best advice and made me fee more positive your a wonderful woman lady shadow thank you 4 your help hun...." ... written by gigi75
"She seemed pretty accurate!!! " ... written by egg_nog
"Very insightful. Highly recommend her." ... written by aisha
"Lady Shadow was wonderful. I didn't have to say a word about my situation in my life. She clearly knows what was going on and told me the direction of my life. Thank you LadyShadow for my reading" ... written by greekgoddess71
"WOW excellent reading!!! She is just connecting and telling you things, amazing! You need to consult this lady! It is a must" ... written by Sirena22
"She helped me connect with a loved one that I had been wondering about for the longest. She also picked up on the most important things that have been on my mind before I even asked anything. She is truly gifted and so compassionate towards you in her readings. Thanks and I will be back for more!!!!" ... written by sweet81pea
"I love this woman.. Shes kind loving and down to earth her reading is accurate. I highly recommend her. no lie!!. " ... written by sunflower1989
"She was wonderful!!! answered everything i asked of her. Would recommend her to anyone that needs serious answers. Great job Lady love you...TY!!!" ... written by SwtWhiteNectar
"she's great and amazing" ... written by tilly40218
"Very amazing!!! She was able to say A LOT about me that I don't tell to many!" ... written by momo26
"awesome reading...just plain awesome" ... written by fleurdesil
"She was absolutly spot on without me giving much info. Would like longer with her next timexx" ... written by keyboo
"Great reading. Must go to her!" ... written by tilly40218
"LadyShadow was great and had a good connection to the situation. She is very pleasant and helpful providing good info. TY again Lady." ... written by Dumbfounded
"Very good and helpful! will recommend her to anyone." ... written by kprattis
"Very good reading. Will see her again." ... written by coorsmann
"Awesome lady, very accurate, very sensitive and wise. Thankyou for the wonderful reading xx" ... written by MelodieM
"Wow she was amazing. I loved every minute of it! :)" ... written by Nicky
"Thanks LS!" ... written by lia_11
"My love - she is WONDERFUL!!!!! Right on the money every time! MUAH to you Lady" ... written by gizzie
"VERY great psychic can't wait to chat with her more" ... written by momo26
"Thank you!!That was fun!!" ... written by Tracyg
"She is awesome!" ... written by Imasurvivor
"Lady is the best!!! Such a sweetheart!! MWUAH LADY!! :)" ... written by 911suthernbelle
"answered thoroughly good in what she does,give me answers to my question. was very on to it. very very good." ... written by gr2359
"AWESOME reading...our connect time was great. Thank You again for everything. I received your message loud and clear and I will be back for another reading. Hugs to you!!!" ... written by Happy74
"She did not help me as much as I though she could have. I guess her powers are limited." ... written by greeneyedg1rl
"Wonderful reading. Thanks so much. Will definitely be back again!" ... written by teadragonLisa
"She is a great reader. Many Blessings to her! No regrets on her readings. Luv her style!" ... written by tilly40218
"What a nice lady had a good reading now I know what to do she is very nice to talk to and she knows what to say I will be going back to her when I have a little bit more money for another reading! Thank you for your help! " ... written by Bluelady9
"Excellent woman and lovelt to talk to" ... written by awakeinmysleep
"Thank you Lady Shadow for this reading it was really insightful and helpful. She gave me the motivation to achieve and attain my goals with the resources that i had. That i can reach my dreams. She also told me to be wary of people who around me trying to destroy my relationship. I would definately recommend anyone to her she will tell you the truth and she wont lie to you like most psychics will. She give you the good and the bad. I love her." ... written by kprattis
"Lovely reading! Thank you!" ... written by tilly40218
"Fabulous reading Thnax so much will b back soon" ... written by Angelqueen
"She is a wonderful reader. You would be amazed on what she knows and if you really want the truth. Must go to her" ... written by tilly40218
"She was wondering and understood everything going on." ... written by littlebit76
"She is so awesome..I really enjoyed her personality. Gave a wonderful reading..i will be back to have more readings..She is compassionate and caring in the way she presents her readings. Thank you so much for the time, love and help you showed .Blessings and angelcare " ... written by oceansandjoy1
"Very nice lady and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Teardrops
"my soul sister love ya.... xoxox....great reader" ... written by sexyegyptian2
"She is awesme and uplifting. I love her compassion and helpfulness. She really brought joy and peace into my life...Thank you" ... written by KiKi2505
"She definitely made me feel everything is in Divine Order, and I am hoping her message/predictions would come true (next year). I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Also, she made good use of my time and also picked up on many things like school and my sibling who passed away before me. She reminded me about having patience and understanding my partner's current issue. Hopefully, this is really just a temporary setback for the two of us and that we would really be reunited again within the timeframe she gave me. Thank you sooo very much! I will definitely keep you updated and will reconnect with you again. " ... written by Faith
"She was amazing! Spot on, with everything!" ... written by hollyrose321
"She was amazing !!! Will def be back... wish my credits didnt run out. Great Reading very accurate. " ... written by jainey87
"Reading was great , answered all my questions , I plan to go back and I thank-you for your time. Confirmed everything I need to hear. If you want a accurate reading use Ladyshadow13 she's dead on. You can't get better than dead-on ...." ... written by AmandaB69
"Thank you:)" ... written by milona
"Geart Reading will be back for more sooooooooon, go for Lady, sh'e really really god.... Love her to bits" ... written by Ninashah
"Lady shadow is very friendly..she was spot on about so many things. she told me exactly what i needed to know. she was very compassionate and i feel she was absolutely right with everything that she told me" ... written by Blondeone62
"Loved my reading with her. It explained a lot of things going on in my life." ... written by tilly40218
"Thank you Lady...wish we had more time..it went by so quickly!!!" ... written by abnelson08
"She is awesome!! Friendly. Compassionate. Sincere. A very good reader!" ... written by ssgkboo
"Spot on accurate for me knew things that i never talk about and connected with me and explained how this was affecting me straight away amazing reader highly recommend giving her a go." ... written by Greta
"Thanks!! Great reading!!! xx" ... written by gemma26

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