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The Fool

The Fool

The Fool
Without the notion of Zero, our system of mathematics becomes meaningless. Similarly, the Fool is an essential part of the Tarot because he is the spark that sets everything else into motion, the divine breath that gives life and inspires the first step towards fulfillment and completion. Though the first step down a long path may often seem small in comparison to the journey, that first step is vital because without it there would be no journey at all! The Fool is the cause behind all effects, the power behind all manifestations and the seeds of the end sown in every beginning.
The Fool is unmoulded potential, pure and innocent, neither positive nor negative yet containing the possibility of both. He is the unconditioned soul about to come into manifestation for the first time to start learning the lessons of the world. Though everyone calls him a Fool, he does not pay them any attention, and he simply goes on his way. Certainly what they say can be justified, since his ignorance of the world can lead him to do things that more experienced people would never imagine. But in these things he can find knowledge and enlightenment. He does not care what others think or say about him, because he knows that what he is doing is right for him.
His approach to life is a strange, unconventional one, because he does what is comfortable to him. This is a viewpoint not often supported in our modern world, in which "do as I say" is the commandment most followed. To those who have lived their life under this philosophy, the approach of the Fool may be extravagant, shocking, even frightening. But this approach is all that the Fool knows, and because the only approval he requires is his own, he will continue to live this way, despite what all others think of him. He has total faith in himself. Perhaps he is not such a fool after all.
The Fool does not hide himself from the light, because he is the light - the wonderful light that shines out of every child before they see the world and are forced to build so many walls and barriers to protect themselves. The innocence of a child, sadly, is something rarely found outside of children, even though a lot of people could use it these days. With this innocence comes perfect trust, fearlessness in others, and total self-reliance. It allows you to see the world with new eyes and learn new things every day of your life. Think of how much better the world would be if everybody acted this way! It's a shame that only children, and the Fool, see this light.
The Fool almost always stands for new beginnings, new experiences and new choices; the first steps along a new path and the first words written onto a blank page. Like the Aces of the Minor Arcana, such beginnings are like the Fool himself - neither positive nor negative, but with the potential to turn into either, depending on the choices you make and the path you follow. But this must not be your concern, because when a journey begins no one can know (or should know) what will happen on the way to the destination. Never let another person control your life. Live in the present and trust in your own abilities - this is the way of the Fool.
Such journeys always imply a degree of risk, and hence the Fool is pictured walking toward the edge of a high cliff. With any new experience there is always the risk of failure and the certainty of change; it is the degree of change, and how that change will appear, that are undeterminable. But the Fool has no qualms about taking chances, so why should you? It is through the first steps that we learn how to walk, and it is through changes that we learn how to live our lives in harmony and peace. So jump head first into the abyss of the unknown, and know that even if you eventually fall to the ground, for a while you will soar.

This page was made by James Rioux (The Black Shadow),
Copyright 2000 James Rioux.


Meditation Visualization

Mental Programming

The study of witchcraft is of course hard work for any individual to reach any level of proficiency, its not a faith where you can dress up and go to church on Sunday, listen to the drone and go home and forget about it.

To achieve excellence, you must learn to program your mind to reach your goals. Today, almost everyone is familiar with computers, that's why your looking at this web page just now and here we are willing to share our knowledge with you on a first hand basis. Meditation and visualization are the keys to understanding and functioning in the world of witchcraft. Just for a moment place yourself in the mind of a computer and like the computer, the ideas, the facts and figures you place in your mind designate what you put out, your values, feelings etc.

So if you only have negative thoughts in your mind that's what you and everyone else around you will get. Meditation and visualization techniques are therefore very important in programming your personal mind/computer, you without doubt these days are what you think about...

Your overall outlook in life is important not only to your physical and mental health but it is also an important factor in your competence as a witch. This is why when witches practice magick they act and speak as if the positive outcome has already taken place, because in our world, well it is a Reality!


There are many ways to meditate, all kinds of procedures to follow and not every method works for every individual. The easiest way is through colour association with the Chakra Centres, namely the 7 energy vortexes in the body. These vortexes are situated at specific points all in a row and this makes them easy to remember. Music also helps to relax the mind and body. Try choosing music that is calming, soothing even exciting or loving etc. Now choose a time of the day that you will not be disturbed and one that suits you. At the beginning block out only 10 minutes time, then extend the time as your proficiency and patience grows, when you can successfully meditate anywhere you then will know you have the mastered the art.

The lighting in the room should be dim, I always find candle light suits best for this, don't wear tight clothes, relaxing loose fitting garments work best, find a comfortable chair or space on the floor if you prefer, but don't fall asleep. Don't have your music too loud and begin by closing your eyes and relaxing your body as best you can, try relaxing the body one part at a time starting with your feet. Clench the muscles, so they are tight then hold for a few seconds and relax, do this all the way to the top of your head even including your facial muscles. Make sure you breath deeply holding for 4-5 seconds then release, once you are completely relaxed allow your mind to slip into a semi-conscious state, ignore any itches tingles etc. and eventually your body will accept the relaxing state. Now this is the time where you use your imagination and slip into the world of make believe. Always remember that wishes are the same as reality and its only you that draws a line between the two.

Put yourself in front of a river with sparkling lights surrounding it, imagine the water rushing back and forwards, then start to picture some of the hills that surround it, don't get angry if you cant do this right away it all takes practice and that well known saying is "practice makes perfect". You must believe that it will work from the start and it will astound you to see just what you can see through your third eye, practice this and you will find it one of the most relaxing and rewarding treats and at times an escape from the pressures of the day that tend to build up around us no matter how we live our lives.

Creative Visualisation

The idea here is to be able to conjure up an image of any person, place or thing in your mind in great detail. This is a must for ritual and ceremonies and should be practiced as much as possible to enhance your versatility. At times we can bring that visualization into physical form as quickly as possible and it is your fear and strong emotions that will give it that punch in order to create what is needed.

The best technique I have found was written by Silver Ravenwolf.. The following is her way to and master the art.

Gather 3 objects-one that is manufactured, one from nature and one just for fun. Each object should fit comfortably in your hand. Find a place where you wont be disturbed for at least 20 minutes or so. This is not an exercise that must be done very day but the more you do it the better you become. You will be drawing writing or typing what you see, so have the right tools ready. Read through this exercise first thoroughly to make sure you know completely what you will be doing and to determine what method you wish to use.

Sit in a comfortable chair and hold the nature object in your hand, look at it briefly then close your eyes and use your other senses to introduce the object into your mind. Now open your eyes and study the object, pretend you are a bug and crawl over the object with your eyes. Imagine what a bug would see if it was traversing this object, go in and out of all the small cracks etc, Note colours and textures, don't miss anything of detail, when you are done, close your eyes again and imagine the object over again, except this time you will draw or write what you see in your mind, the more detail you incorporate the better the programming. When you are finished being a bug, do the same, only imagine this time you are a bird, an eagle perhaps as long as you can fly and imagine what the bird might see as it flies over the object. Once again when you are done open your eyes and record what you saw in your mind. By the time you are finished you should know that object inside out.

The final step is then for you to shut your eyes one more time without the object in your hand. Envision the object and see how much your perception of it has changed. In the days following work with all 3 objects, do it more than once with one of them or even all of them if you choose to do so. When you are done with those things move onto photographs and eventually, people and larger objects.

There is much to be gained from this practice after all; What is the overall point in controlling your thought patterns? Because thought is form and to be able to bring that thought into physical form you need the ability to focus.