Monday, April 4, 2016

Professional Psychic Readings and Spiritual Advising

What are you looking for? Major decisions awaiting you?
Looking for advice, guidance in career,love,life,, spirituality?
Want to know what this year holds for you?
Interested in Past life readings?
Need help in understand your dreams?
Lost a loved one recent or  long time ago and wish to connet?

Make an appointment with

   Psychic Advisor
  Lady Shadow (Aurora)

Eclectic, Pagan Priestess,Minister  and Witch, 
I possess over 12 years  Advising, reading, and council.
Formerly with Oranum Psychics
Our New Community site


~All Paths are welcomed ~

We have  sister communities one on Ning 2.0 and the other our 3.0
Black Moon Society birthed July 28th 2015 on Ning 3.0
Black Moon Nocturnal Society was formed on the Full Moon in Oct 2015 from the In The Dark community which has now birthed itself on 3.0 Ning

Interested in visiting both or either
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 Visit Black Moon Society


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